Marcin R. Malinowski was born and grew up in Gdynia, Poland, a port city on Baltic Sea. He got musical education in Gdańsk and started working as a professional musician in the Tri-City (Trójmiasto) area. He participated in various musical stage productions, different projects of local bands and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad.

 In 2002 Marcin moved to Warsaw where he worked as session / freelance musician in addition to his own individual projects. He performed with different bands in various styles (jazz, fusion, hip-hop). During that perion he also worked as a music tutor. During next years he made recordings with several talented musicians such as guitarist Marek Kądziela (2004), vocalist Julia Sokołowska (2005), guitarist Deniz Atalay (since 2005 – as a leader and instrumentalist on Deniz' projects), vocalist Freedom Lawrence (2007 – the ONE SPIRIT project), guitarist Frederick Carrilho (2008), percussionist & composer Renu Hossain (2009).

 Between 2004 and 2007 Marcin toured in Europe with musical stage productions. Those were the years when he started performing in clubs all over Poland.

 In 2009 the new lineup of MM Group was set and it featured: Marcin R. Malinowski – piano & keyboards; Agnieszka Kowalska – voice, flute; Frederick Carrilho – guitar; Mariusz Kozicki – trumpet & flugelhorn; Renu Hossain – tabla, percussions; Łukasz Borowiecki – bass; Michał Rodzeń – drums, with guest participation of Deniz Atalay.

 2010 saw the start of m2records, recording label that released El Camino's album ("Bliżej") – the Mariusz Kozicki band with Marcin's participation as keyboardist, arranger and producer. The same year Marcin was performing with El Camino in Poland.

 In 2011 Marcin alias Tigrano co-composed and recorded the song "What Do I Do", along with Aphreme, producer and composer featured Cei Bei, deep house vocalist. Album "What Do I Do" was released on vinyl in the US by Seasons Recordings.

 In October 2012 Marcin started collaboration with Armenian musicians. The band was put together with: Levon Punchinyan (trumpet & flugelhorn), Arsen Sahakyan (alto saxophone), Aram Vardanyan (guitar), Hovannes Hartutyunyan (bass) and Albert Hovannisyan (drums). They performed at Cafesjian Center For The Arts in Yerevan, Armenia. In November Marcin also joined Con Alma, band founded by vocalist and pianist Nara Arakelyan and trumpet player Yervand Margaryan. Performances were held in Yerevan's music clubs.

 In February 2013 Marcin was a part of International Improvising Nights, the common project with guitarist and vocalist Dario Elia (Italy), that mixed various styles and inspirations, from jazz to electronic ambient music. They teamed up with Armenian musicians: Sash Saljyan on bass and Roman Shahinyan on drums. Concerts were held in music clubs in Yerevan, Armenia.

 In spring 2013, Marcin started collaboration with Dutch percussionist Jeroen de Rijk, beginning series of tele-collaborations. Project, named eConnection quickly expanded to include Finnish guitarist Kai Korteila and Italian bassist Enrico Galetta, with guest performances from vocalist Petra Poutanen-Hurme (Finland), Mariusz Kozicki (Poland) on trumpet and Deniz Atalay (Turkey). First album of eConnection 'YAKAMOZ' was released on Feb 22, 2015 by Baileo Music Production and is available on iTunes.

 In September 2016 was released debut album of Deniz Atalay "Denizin Ötesinde". Marcin is a part of the album project as arranger (string quartet arrangements, among others), composer, keyboardist and producer, among such artists like Deniz, Arto Tunçboyacıyan, Cezary Kondrad, Paweł Pańta, to name a few.

 In December 2016 Mireille Music, recording label based in New York, released Marcin's solo album "Tales from the Dawn of Millennium". Album contains the music recorded in years 2001-2006.

 In January 2017 was released "Boogie Napastak", Marcin's album recorded along with Jeroen de Rijk, with guest participacion of Kai Korteila and Enrico Galetta. On the album also appears voices of Gaya and Delia Malinowski, Marcin's wife and 3 years old daughter.